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Can I buy Bitcoin on Wells Fargo? (2022)

Summary: Customers of Wells Fargo bank cannot buy Bitcoin or cryptocurrency directly through Wells Fargo online. Instead, you must deposit US Dollars to a trusted crypto exchange in the USA from your Wells Fargo bank account.

David Cohen

Editor at Buy Bitcoin Finder

Can I buy Bitcoin at Wells Fargo? 

For Wells Fargo customers in the United States looking to buy cryptocurrencies through their online banking app, you are out of luck. There is currently no way for Wells Fargo or WellsTrade users to natively buy crypto through their online services.

To buy Bitcoin with Wells Fargo, you must sign up to a trusted exchange in the USA like eToro and deposit US Dollars from your Wells Fargo online account.

How to buy Bitcoin with a Wells Fargo Account

You can buy Bitcoin in minutes when you sign up to a trusted exchange like eToro. The information below is a quick five step guide on how to get started with a Wells Fargo account.

  1. Register an account with eToro
  2. Verify your email address and personal information
  3. Navigate to the deposit USD screen and find the deposit details
  4. Login into your Wells Fargo account to complete the USD transfer
  5. Once the USD hits your eToro account, you are ready to trade.

Wells Fargo Cryptocurrency policy

Wells Fargo allows their customers to freely deposit and withdraw US Dollars to and from any cryptocurrency exchange in the world. They are one of the more lenient banks when it comes to Bitcoin in the United States.

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