eToro Fees in the United Kingdom (2021)

eToro is one of the most popular multi-asset trading platforms in the United Kingdom that offer commission free trading for stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, precious metals and much more.
eToro Fees in the United Kingdom (2021)

Tanya Chen

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eToro Fees Review: Is it Expensive to use in the UK? (2021)

eToro Fees Review

eToro is the largest stock broker in the United Kingdom and globally thanks to its feature-rich platform. The eToro exchange is one of the only financial trading applications that offers investors the ability to trade traditional stocks, commodities ETFs, CFDs and even cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

In this guide, we breakdown their fee structure for each asset class so customers have a clear understanding of pricing before signing up. 

Stocks and ETFs Fees

There are no commission, management or brokerage fees when you trade Stocks and ETFs on the eToro platform.

Below is an example if you bought AAPL stocks:

Cost of Buying Apple (AAPL) Stocks
Initial Investment: 1000 GBP Commission: 0%
Apple Stock Price: 250 GBP Overnight Fees: 0%
Amount of AAPL Stock: 4 Units of AAPL Total Fees: 0%

eToro Cryptocurrency Fees

There are no fees on eToro to trade cryptocurrencies, however there is a wide "spread". The word spread means the price difference between the buy and sell price. Wide spreads result in poor trade execution and are just as bad as high fees.

Below is a table of the spreads of each cryptocurrency on the eToro platform.

Cryptocurrency Spreads
Bitcoin 0.75%
Ethereum 1.90%
Bitcoin Cash 1.90%
XRP 2.45%
Cardano 2.90%
Litecoin 1.90%
XLM 2.45%
Dogecoin 2.9%

eToro CFDs

The CFDs on eToro do not charge any fees, but do have small spreads that can be considered a fee. Unlike cryptocurrencies on eToro, the spreads for their CFDs are very small at 0.1%

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