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Bitcoin Price INR - The Basics

The BTC price in INR is derived from the cost of one whole Bitcoin, similar to the way that shares in a company like Apple or Tesla are priced in the share market. However, what makes Bitcoin unique is that you can buy and sell a fraction of one Bitcoin. For example, if you are looking to buy Bitcoin in India and the price of one Bitcoin is 150,000 INR, you can buy 0.5 Bitcoin for 75,000 INR.

In terms of market movement, the BTC price INR has bounced from its March 2020 low of 290,000 INR per BTC and rallied up to 760,000 INR per BTC. Many believe the Bitcoin price in INR has rallied due to the relatively unstable economy of India and shrinking GDP. With that said, there are many predictions that the price of Bitcoin in INR can surpass over 1,000,000 INR by the beginning of 2021.

Many investors in India believe the price of Bitcoin in INR will continue to sky rocket due to the regular debasement of the Indian Rupee by their central bank. As such, a large portion of the high-net worths in the country have been fleeing from their local currency into Bitcoin at scale.

The History of Bitcoin in India

The Bitcoin industry was growing at a tremendous rate during the early stages of the boom, with the Bitcoin price in INR sky rocketing to 1,288,608INR. This rapid growth for BTC in INR was largely due to the demonetization of the INR by the Indian Government, who had been printing INR for years and ultimately devaluing their local currency.

Bitcoin in India over the last six months has been relatively turbulent as the government attempted to impose a blanket ban on cryptocurrencies across the country, which was later overturned by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Since being overturned, Bitcoin price in INR has been seeing stable growth with many locals looking to invest and get out of the Indian Rupee.

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