Polygon Crypto - Complete Review (2021)

This is a complete guide to the Polygon Crypto network that has become the most popular Layer 2 solution on Ethereum. We also include a Polygon Price Prediction based on their exponential growth in Total Value Locked.

David Cohen

Senior Writer at Buy Bitcoin Finder

What is Polygon Crypto?

Polygon is an application protocol that enables very fast transactions and low fees for compatible networks on the Ethereum blockchain. This means that applications that are built on Ethereum can move to the Polygon Network which provides an environment for users to trade quickly and with low fees.

Since moving to mainnet in 2021, the Total Value Locked (TVL) on the Polygon Network has exploded to over $11 Billion Dollars. This rapid growth has also resulted in a massive rise in price for the Polygon Crypto token called 'MATIC' which has gone up over 20X in a few months.

How to buy Polygon (MATIC)

Buying the Polygon Network token is extremely easy and can be done in 4 simple steps.

  1. Sign up to a trusted cryptocurrency exchange like Binance
  2. Connect your bank account and deposit fiat dollars.
  3. Buy a US Dollar stablecoin like USDC 
  4. Swap your USDC for MATIC tokens

What will Polygon be worth in 5 years?

The Polygon Network can easily be worth as much as other major Smart Contract platforms like Polkadot, which is valued at around $22 Billion in market cap. This would make Polygon (MATIC) be worth approximately $4.00 per token.

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