How to enable DApp Browser on Trust Wallet Safely (2021)

The Trust DApp browser was recently banned by the iOS app store, so you need to enable it through a workaround. Watch the video below to get started.

Bradley Mills

Editor at Buy Bitcoin Finder

How to enable DApp Browser on Trust Wallet

The Trust Wallet DApp browser is a fully functioning Web3 browser that can be used to interact with various decentralized applications on networks such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Avalanche. The DApp Browser created by the Trust Wallet team is very similar in design to the popular alternative Metamask and provides a very smooth and easy to use interface.

However, recently Apple removed the DApp Browser from the iOS store which has caused many users problems when onboarding. The video below is a great extended guide on how to use the DApp browser without the iOS store.

  1. Open a Chrome or Safari browser on your iOS device and enter the website url: trust://browser_enable
  2. You will then be prompted to open the page using the Trust App. Select Yes.
  3. Your Trust Wallet will automatically open up the DApp browser and it will be enabled
  4. You can now use DApps on your Trust Wallet safely

What can I do on the DApp Browser on Trust Wallet?

Users can freely move between blockchains and web 3 products to find the best investment opportunities and yields across crypto. As shown in the video above, DApp Browser users can use leading cryptocurrency exchanges like Pancakeswap, Uniswap, Trader Joe and many others to get access to the latest tokens.

Through the Trust Wallet, you can also buy, sell and hold NFTs through popular web applications like OpenSea and Rarible!

The Trust DApps Marketplace

The Trust Wallet also offers a useful marketplace that aggregates all of the best crypto products across various chains. Through this marketplace, users can explore the most popular Dapps that are trusted and verified by the Trust Wallet team.

Trust Wallet DApp Browser