How to buy Mongoose (MONGOOSE) Coin

If you are looking to buy Mongoose Coin, you will need to use a decentralized exchange called Uniswap (V2). Follow the guide below to get started.

Tanya Chen

Senior Editor at Buy Bitcoin Finder

How to buy Mongoose Coin

Mongoose is on of the latest meme cryptocurrencies that grew to popularity after a Senator in a Stablecoin hearing in the United States mentioned "Mongoose Coin" as a sarcastic sleight toward the digital asset space.

The only way for investors to buy Mongoose coin at time of writing is through a decentralized exchange called Uniswap. The guide below provides a high-level overview on how to get started.

  1. Buy Ethereum (ETH) from any Crypto exchange
  2. Create a Metamask wallet.
  3. Send Ethereum to your newly created Metamask wallet address
  4. Visit this Uniswap page and swap your ETH for MONGOOSE

Buy Mongoose Coin

Is Uniswap safe to buy MONGOOSE?

Uniswap is arguably the safest decentralized exchange in crypto, because they are the longest running without any smart contract hacks. The Uniswap (V2) protocol, which is the DEX that allows you to buy MONGOOSE invented the popular Automated Market Maker (AMM) model that most exchanges use today.

Overall, it would be reasonable to argue that Uniswap is the safest way to buy cryptocurrency - even more than traditional centralized exchanges that have regulatory risk.

What is Mongoose Coin

Mongoose Coin prides itself by being the first ever meme coin to be named by a US Senator. They have no other real utility or value, but they have developed a lot of traction from the Dog coin community.

Mongoose Coin Price

The Mongoose Coin Price in US Dollars (USD).

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