How to buy Cryptogodz (GODZ)

Summary: The only way to buy the Cryptogodz (GODZ) token is through a decentralized exchange called PancakeSwap. Read our guide below to learn how to get started.

Tanya Chen

Senior Editor at Buy Bitcoin Finder

How to buy Cryptogodz (GODZ) Metaverse token

The Cryptogodz (GODZ) metaverse token is only currently available on a decentralized exchange called PancakeSwap. If you are uncomfortable using decentralized exchange platforms, we recommend you wait until a centralized exchange lists the token before you start investing.

The current rumor around Cryptogodz (GODZ) is that will be the first platform to list the GODZ token, so be sure to follow their daily announcements.

If you are interested in getting started with PancakeSwap, follow the guide below.

  1. Create a Binance Smart Chain wallet here.
  2. Sign up to Binance and buy BNB Tokens
  3. Send the BNB to your Binance Smart Chain wallet
  4. Swap BNB for GODZ tokens

What is Cryptogodz?

Cryptogodz claims to be building out a NFT fantasy metaverse that has the GODZ token at the heart of its economy. Their project is currently built on Binance Smart Chain, which means it should have the necessary throughput to scale out as a metaeconomy due to the low transaction fees.

Is Cryptogodz Legit?

Cryptogodz is a legit metaverse project that is founded in the United States by well known entrepreneur Nick Peroni. Although their product is not yet launched, they are a highly reputable team who are capable of executing on their roadmap.

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