How to safely buy Kishu Inu Coin (2021)

Summary: The best way for any investor in any country to buy Kishu Inu coin is to buy through They are one of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges with over 900 different assets listed on their platform. Sign up with this link and get 10% off fees.

Tanya Chen

Editor at Buy Bitcoin Finder

How to buy Kishu Inu Coin

The safest and fastest way to buy Kishu Inu is with the trading platform. They are one of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges that offers over 900 tradable cryptocurrencies, including popular meme coins.

In order to invest in Kishu coin from, you will need to firstly sign up to a local cryptocurrency exchange to buy USDT. The guide below uses Coinbase as an example to get started in the United States.

  1. Sign up to Coinbase
  2. Provide identity details and complete verification
  3. Deposit your fiat currency via any deposit method
  4. Buy Tether (USDT)
  5. Send the Tether (USDT) to your account
  6. Swap your USDT for KISHU

What is Kishu Inu?

Kishu Inu is a new community token that is built on top of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. The platform rewards token holders by granting them 2% of all token transactions, meaning KISHU holders earn passive income. The more KISHU is used and traded, the more income Kishu Inu token holders earn.

The token exploded in popularity in May of 2021 and has recently had a resurgence thanks to the parabolic rise in price of Shiba Inu.

Can I buy Kishu Inu on a Decentralized Exchange (DEX)?

KISHU is available on both Uniswap and Shibaswap for investors to trustlessly swap Ethereum to the respective token. It is recommended that new investors go through a centralized exchange because of the high fees on the Ethereum network.

Kishu Inu Price

The data below represents the live price of Kishu Inu coin in United States dollars (USD).