Buy Bitcoin with Cash App

Overview of Cash App

Cash App is a leading peer-to-peer payment application that is owned by Square Inc. In late 2017, Cash App added functionality that enabled users to buy and sell Bitcoin through the application. This functionality was pushed by their CEO Jack Dorsey, who has been a long time advocate for Bitcoin as the internet’s native currency.

Although there was initially no fee to buy and sell Bitcoin on Cash App when it was first introduced, Cash App began charging users a 1.75% fee on Bitcoin purchases in 2019. Since the introduction of this fee, the buying and selling of Bitcoin via Cash App has become one of its most profitable services. 

In early 2020, Cash App enabled a feature that lets users automatically buy recurring purchases of Bitcoin on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule. For example, John can autobuy $10 USD of Bitcoin every Monday.

How to buy Bitcoin on Cash App:

1. Log into Cash App and tab the 'Investing' tab
2. Tap 'Bitcoin'
3. Tap on the 'Buy' button
4. Enter the amount of Bitcoin you would like to buy
5. Enter your PIN and press confirm

It is important to note that purchasing Bitcoin via Cash App requires that you have a sufficient balance of money on your app.

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Guide to buying Bitcoin with Cash App

What cards do Cash App support to buy Bitcoin

You can buy Bitcoin on Cash App with debit and credit cards from providers such as MasterCard, Visa and American Express. ATM cards and PayPal are not supported on Cash App at this time.