FTX Fees Expensive? - Review (2022)

Summary: FTX offers some of the cheapest fees amongst cryptocurrency exchanges, starting at 2 basis points (0.02%) for a market-order trade.

David Cohen

Editor at Buy Bitcoin Finder

FTX Fees Review

FTX is the fastest growing digital asset exchange that offer a wide variety of products including spot cryptocurrency trading, perpetual futures trading contracts and even traditional stock trading.

Built for traders, by traders - FTX arguably offers the most competitive fee structure when compared to other major exchanges like Binance and Coinbase. This is particularly surprising given that they offer a fantastic product that includes an intuitive Android and iOS app.

FTX Trading Fees Overview

FTX offers the most competitive fee structure in the cryptocurrency market, which starts as low as 0.020%. Their trading fee structure is dynamic and gets lower when you trade more volume on their platform.

Below is a breakdown of the discounted FTX fee structure across all products.

FTX Fee Tier 30D Volume Maker Fees Taker Fees
1 0 0.020% 0.070%
2 > $2,000,000 0.015% 0.060%
3 > $5,000,000 0.010% 0.055%
4 > $10,000,000 0.005% 0.050%
5 > $25,000,000 0.000% 0.045%
6 > $50,000,000 0.000% 0.040%

How to Get Discounted FTX Fees

Users of FTX can further discount their fees by holding FTX's native cryptocurrency FTT. Depending on your total holdings of FTT tokens, you can get up to 60% lower fees on the FTX exchange if you hold and stake your FTT tokens on the platform.

Borrowing and Lending Fees

When you borrow fiat using FTX's peer to peer borrowing and lending product, FTX will charge the lender a 20% fee on the interest that is paid to the borrower.

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