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Floki Coin Review - The New Doge Killer?

This is a guide on the newly popular Floki Crypto Coin that is being built on Binance Smart Chain and has grown in popularity since the recent Elon Musk tweet.

Tanya Chen

Senior Editor at Buy Bitcoin Finder

Floki Coin Review

Floki Coin is a new meme token in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem that has blown up in popularity since the recent Elon Musk tweet.

What is Floki Coin?

Floki Coin, otherwise known as FlokiMoon intends to be a decentralized and autonomous liquidity generation protocol that is built on top of the low-fee Binance Smart Chain network. This token will have 10% fees on all transactions, which will be redisributed to token holders and to the development team to build the ecosystem.

The current value proposition for FlokiMoon is that holders will earn passive income as the protocol is made in a way that will distribute daily fees and volume to holders.

Floki Coin Tokenomics

The FLOKI Coin Tokenomics are capped at a supply of 1 quadrillion tokens. Although this seems high, it is not too dissimilar to other meme tokens like Shiba Inu that has very high token issuance.

Floki Token Price

The FLOKI token has only been public for a few days and has very little price action. It generally trades around $500,000 in volume, making it a low cap crypto coin.

You can track the live FLOKI Token Price here.

Community Stage
Very early, highly risky and speculative
Market Capitilization
$1 Million
Exchange Listings
Only available on Binance Smart Chain
Ecosystem Products
Autonomous liquidity generation protocol
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