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Coinsquare Fees Review (2022)

Summary: Coinsquare offers a competitive trading fee model which is 0.1% per trade for a Market Order, or 0.2% per trade for a Limite Order.

Tanya Chen

Editor at Buy Bitcoin Finder
Coinsquare Fees

Coinsquare Canada Overview

Coinsquare is one of the best cryptocurrency exchange in Canada that offers a variety of services for retail and institutional investors. Being purpose build for users in Canada, their platform is available in both English and French.

Their platform accepts Canadian Dollars through a variety of deposit methods and enables citizens of Canada to easily buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin and many other digital assets all in one place.

Coinsquare Trading Fees

The fees for Coinsquare trading vary depending on whether you are a 'Maker' or 'Taker'. Being a 'Maker' means you place an open order to see whether the price hits your order.

For example, you are a Maker if the price of Bitcoin in CAD is $40,000, but you set a bid to buy at $39,000. You are a 'Taker' if you want to instantly buy at the current price $40,000.

The Coinsquare trading fees for a Maker are 0.1% and a Taker is 0.2%

Trading TypeFee

Deposit Fees

The following outlines all of the ways you can deposit Canadian Dollars into Coinsquare and the relevant charges. Generally speaking, Interac e-Transfers are the fastest, but can be expensive.

Deposit TypeTotal Fee
Interac Online2.5%
Interac e-Transfer2.5%
Bank Draft2.5%
Direct Bank Deposit1%
Wire Transfer1%