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CoinSpot App Review - Australia (2021)

A review of CoinSpot's newly released iOS and Android app for their popular digital currency exchange in Australia.

Tanya Chen

Senior Editor at Buy Bitcoin Finder

An overview of CoinSpot's Cryptocurrency Exchange

CoinSpot is the most highly regarded exchange in Australia boasting over 1 million users. Their platform enables users to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies through their secure website, or Android/iOS mobile application with low fees.

CoinSpot is a completely legitimate business that was founded in 2013 in Melbourne, Australia. They are a licensed digital currency exchange under the Australian Business Name Casey Block Services Pty Ltd with the ABN 19 619 574 186.

Their digital asset exchange is by far the easiest and most user friendly way to start buying and investing in crypto assets in Australia.

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CoinSpot App Review - Australia's best trading app

CoinSpot's App is hands down the best crypto investing and trading app by an Australian exchange. The CoinSpot iOS and Android application enables users to easily deposit Australian Dollars (AUD) and to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrency anytime, anywhere with low fees. The CoinSpot App is the most downloaded finance app in Australia, which means it is the most secure and most trusted.

They offer an easy to use instant buy and sell screen and a watch-list where you can track the performance of over 250 different cryptocurrencies. Their intuitive UI means you can trade and swap at the click of a button and within seconds.

One of our other favourite features of the CoinSpot App is their wallet dashboard, which is a nice way to track your profits invested in crypto on your phone. These easy to use features differentiate the CoinSpot App from other competitors and make them the top crypto exchange in Australia.

How to get started

We recommend that users firstly visit the CoinSpot Exchange on their web application before downloading the mobile app. This is a much easier way to complete your onboarding and verification and is generally faster for you to get started.

Once you complete your onboarding and verification on CoinSpot, you can then download the Android or iOS App to for more convenient trading.

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CoinSpot App Compared

Compare the key features of the CoinSpot App against competitors in Australia.


Important Points


CoinSpot Exchange Australia
  • Easiest user interface
  • Secure and trusted in Australia
  • Over 250 cryptocurrencies
  • Trusted US exchange
  • Features for advanced users
  • Verification can be slow for Australians
  • Great for advanced users looking to trade futures
  • Great liquidity for large trades
  • No fees for market makers

How to Deposit Money on CoinSpot App

The CoinSpot App and website allows users to instantly deposit Australian Dollars (AUD) from any bank account in Australia including Commonwealth Bank, ANZ, Westpac and many more.

Simply visit the settings screen, select 'Deposit' and choose whether you would like to send CoinSpot funds via EFT, POLi, PayID/Osko or even deposit cash!


In summary, the CoinSpot Trading App is by far the cheapest and most convenient way to start trading crypto. With fees starting at 0.1% - it is hard to find a valid reason to use another Australian crypto trading app like SwyftX, who objectively offer a worse user experience and higher fees at 0.6%.

With CoinSpot you can also choose from over 250 coins including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Safemoon and many more.

Buy Crypto with CoinSpot
Fiat Currencies
Australian Dollars (AUD)
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Chainlink, Cardano, XRP, Polkadot + 250 more.
Trading Fees
0.1% - 1%
Deposit Methods
PayID/Osko, POLi, Bank Transfer, Cash Deposit, SWIFT