How to Buy Safemoon Crypto Safely (2021)

This guide breaks down where to buy Safemoon coin from a trusted cryptocurrency exchange anywhere in the world.

David Cohen

Senior Writer at Buy Bitcoin Finder

What is Safemoon Crypto?

Safemoon quickly rose to fame in 2021 after many famous influencers on social media channels such as TikTok became advocates for their brand.

The Safemoon protocol describes themselves as a community driven DeFi Token that was fairly launched and distributed, ultimately reducing risk factors around centralization. With Safemoon, users receive rewards and interest when they stake their Safemoon tokens on the platform.

How to buy Safemoon Crypto

Buying the Safemoon coin can be extremely fast, easy and cheap if you know what to do. Below is a guide on how to buy Safemoon Crypto in 5 simple steps.

  1. Sign up to a trusted cryptocurrency exchange like Binance
  2. Connect your bank account and deposit fiat (USD, EUR, GBP, AUD etc)
  3. Buy Tether (USDT)
  4. Sign up to Bitmart and send your USDT to your Bitmart account
  5. Buy Safemoon here with your USDT

You can read more about Bitmart in our extended Bitmart Review.

Is Safemoon Legit?

Yes, Safemoon is a legit cryptocurrency project in decentralized finance. Their platform is simple and easy to understand. Safemoon is founded on three basic principles: acquire liquidity providers, provide fees and burn tokens for stable price growth.

Safemoon Price Prediction

The Safemoon price is currently valued at USD $0.000003820 with a market capitalization of USD $2 Billion. With their fee burning mechanism, some DeFi experts are calling for a price of USD $0.0005 by the end of 2021.

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