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Can you Buy Crypto with TD Bank? (2022)

Summary: The best way to buy crypto and Bitcoin in Canada with a TD Bank account is via the Bitbuy Exchange. They allow you to deposit Canadian Dollars with Interac e-Transfer through TD EasyWeb to start buying crypto securely.

Tanya Chen

Editor at Buy Bitcoin Finder
Buy Crypto TD Bank

Can you buy Crypto with TD Bank?

If you are looking to buy Crypto directly through TD Bank or your TD EasyWeb account, you are  out of luck.

TD Bank does not yet offer a native solution for TD Bank online users to buy Bitcoin and crypto directly through their easyweb login.

You can buy crypto using your TD Bank account by connecting it to a trusted cryptocurrency exchange in Canada.

How to buy Crypto with TD Bank

The guide below is the best way to connect your TD Bank account to a cryptocurrency exchange to get started investing.

We recommend Bitbuy as the most trusted and reputable exchange in Canada. They offer instant deposits from TD Bank online with very low fees. Their platform is safe and regulated by FINTRAC who are Canada's relevant financial authority for crypto exchanges.

  1. Sign up to Bitbuy Canada
  2. Complete your verification by providing identity details
  3. Select the 'Accounts' tab as shown in the image below
  4. Select 'Add Funds' and then connect your TD Bank account for a deposit
  5. Once your account is funded with Canadian Dollars, you can start buying crypto

Deposit and Trading Fees

When you are depositing Canadian Dollars (CAD) from your TD Bank account to a cryptocurrency exchange like Bitbuy, you must be mindful of the fees and charges you are going to pay.

In total, customers pay a 0.5% Deposit Fee (charged by TD Bank) when depositing on Bitbuy, then another 0.2% to trade cryptocurrency. This is extremely cheap compared to other exchanges like Coinbase, who can charge up to 1% per transaction.

TD Bank Cryptocurrency Policy

As at time of writing, TD Bank does allow Canadian bank account holders to deposit and withdraw from regulated cryptocurrency exchanges in the country. There has been no major cases of TD Bank halting transfers or banning account holders for being active in the digital asset space.

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