How to buy Bitcoin with Stake Trading in Australia

Learn the best ways to start investing in crypto with an Aussie trading account.
CoinSpot Fees

Overview of Stake Investing Platform

Stake Invest is one of the largest trading platforms in Australia that offers clients unrivalled access to the US stock market. With that said, Stake does not yet offer any native to support for users to purchase cryptocurrencies and hold them directly on the platform.

The only way that Stake Trade users can get exposure to crypto on the platform is by investing in Coinbase, which is a publicly listed cryptocurrency exchange in the United States. However, this is not recommended as investors should use a platform that gives them custody of the assets they buy like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and others.

For users in Australia, the best and safest way to start investing in Bitcoin and crypto is through CoinSpot, who are Australia's largest and most trusted digital asset exchange. They offer free and instant Australian Dollar (AUD) deposits from any bank account and low trading fees.

CoinSpot Pricing Overview



Instant Purchase
1% (no extra hidden fees)
Limit Order
1% (no extra hidden fees)
Automated Buying
1% (no extra hidden fees)
Market Orders
0.1% (no extra hidden fees)