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Lloyds Bank Crypto Review - (2021)

A guide to buying Bitcoin and Crypto with Lloyds Bank in the United Kingdom (UK)

Lachlan Mills

Editor at Buy Bitcoin Finder

Can I buy Bitcoin and Crypto with Lloyds Bank?

Lloyd's Bank does not currently offer any native support for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies through their financial institution. This ultimately means that you cannot go to a Lloyds Bank branch, or contact Lloyds Bank to buy or request a trade for Bitcoin using Great British Pounds.

However, you can connect your Lloyds Bank account to a trusted and secure digital currency exchange that operates in the United Kingdom.

How to buy Crypto from a LLoyds Bank Account

To start buying and investing in digital assets in the United Kingdom, we recommend signing up with a trusted cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase.

The guide below provides a high-level summary on how to get started with LLoyds Bank.

  1. Register a UK account with Coinbase
  2. Enable your two-factor authentication to secure your investment account
  3. Deposit fiat (GBP, EUR, USD or AUD)
  4. Go to 'Trade' and select your cryptocurrency
  5. Input the amount you want in fiat terms
  6. Hit 'Buy'
Buy Bitcoin with Lloyds