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How to buy Crypto with a Debit Card Instantly in Australia (2021)

A guide breaking down the safest and cheapest ways to start investing in digital assets using a Debit Card in Australia.

David Cohen

Editor at Buy Bitcoin Finder

Can I buy Bitcoin with a Debit Card?

The infrastructure around cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency exchanges in Australia has increased significantly since the last bull-run in 2017.

With that said, many crypto trading platforms now offer the ability for Australian's to sign up and deposit Australian Dollars with a Debit Card or Credit Card.

Generally speaking, deposits over $200 AUD with a Debit Card have no fees when using a crypto exchange.

What is the Best Exchange to buy Crypto with a Debit Card?

SwyftX is without doubt the best cryptocurrency exchange in Australia to buy Bitcoin using a Debit Card.

They offer free Debit Card deposits and offer extremely low trading fees on their platform that supports over 270 different cryptocurrencies.

All you need to do is sign up, verify your account, visit their "Deposit AUD" page and select "Debit Card.

Then you will be able to buy any cryptocurrency instantly with low fees on SwyftX.

Visit SwyftX