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How to buy Bitcoin and Crypto with Barclays Online Banking

Summary:  Barclays Bank account allows customers to deposit GBP to secure and regulated cryptocurrency exchanges in the United Kingdom like Coinbase.

Lachlan Mills

Editor at Buy Bitcoin Finder

Can I buy Crypto with Barclays Bank?

If you looking to buy Bitcoin in the United Kingdom with a Barclays Bank Account or with the Barclays App, you are unfortunately out of luck.

Barclays Bank still does not offer any native support for Bitcoin or cryptocurrency investing on any of their platforms, which means you need to visit a dedicated and regulated digital asset exchange in the United Kingdom.

For residents of the United Kingdom, we recommend Coinbase as a trusted and secure gateway for Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.

Did Barclays Bank Ban Crypto?

In July 2021, Barclays Bank started to block customer deposits from going to well-known cryptocurrency exchange Binance. This decision came shortly after the U.K Financial Conduct Authorit (FCA) announced that Binance was not regulated to conduct financial services in the country.

That said, Barclays Bank does allow customers to buy and sell cryptocurrencies freely from trusted and regulated exchanges in the UK.

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