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BTC Markets Fees Review in Australia (2021)

An overview of BTC Markets fees for their cryptocurrency trading platform, as well as the fees to deposit and withdraw crypto and fiat.

David Cohen

Editor at Buy Bitcoin Finder

An Overview of BTC Markets

BTC Markets are primarily an order book exchange based in Melbourne, Australia that offer over 20 different cryptocurrencies to buy, sell and trade against Australian dollars. If you are a new investor looking to buy Bitcoin in Australia then you have probably come across BTC Markets and are considering using it as your platform to trade crypto.

Are BTC Markets Fees Expensive?

The fees for BTC Markets start at 0.6% per trade, which is expensive compared to competitor exchanges like Independent Reserve who start at 0.5% per trade.

BTC Markets does offer a trading fee discount depending on volume, but you need to trade hundreds of thousands over a 30 day period for it to be effective. Below is a summary of BTC Markets trading volume discount.

BTC Markets Fees 30 Day AUD Volume
0.85%$0.01 - $500.00
0.83%$500.01 - $1000.00
0.80%$1000.01 - $3000.00
0.75%$3000.01 - $9000.00
0.70%$9000.01 - $18000.00
0.65%$18000.01 - $40000.00
0.60%$40000.01 - $60000.00
0.55%$60000.01 - $70000.00
0.50%$70000.01 - $80000.00
0.45%$80000.01 - $90000.00
0.40%$90000.01 - $115000.00
0.35%$115000.01 - $125000.00
0.30%$125000.01 - $200000.00

Is BTC Markets Legit?

BTC Markets is a legit exchange in Australia, however they havent been without their controversies. For example, BTC Markets recently leaked customer data which caused a massive uproar within the Australian crypto community.