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Binance Futures Review (2021)

A comprehensive look at Binance's industry leading Cryptocurrency Futures platform. Learn more about Binance Futures fees, pairs leverage and much more.

David Cohen

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Binance Futures Review

Binance Futures released their perpetual futures trading platform in 2020 that has quickly grown to become the most popular Crypto futures trading platform by volume in the world.

Binance futures allows for users to open up both long and short positions for a variety of different cryptocurrencies with up to 125x leverage

Binance Futures trading integrates with their spot exchange, meaning you can easily transfer profits from your Futures account to your Spot account and vice versa. The user experience is extremely smooth and they make Bitcoin and crypto futures trading very simple for new traders.

Binance Futures Fees

The Binance Futures fees are relatively low compared at 0.1% per trade and beat many industry competitors such as Coinbase or ByBit.

Available Coins

Below is a list of some of the coins and tokens listed on the Binance Futures trading platform

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Dogecoin
  • BNB 
  • XRP
  • ADA 
  • Shiba Inu
  • AAVE
  • + 40 more.

How to use Binance Futures

To start trading on the Binance Futures platform, you will first need need to create a Binance Futures account.

The registration process is extremely simple, but requires some Know Your Customer (KYC) Verification if you are looking to trade leverage with over 1 Bitcoin worth of US Dollars.

Once you complete your sign up and deposit funds onto the exchange, you will have to transfer Tether (USDT) from your spot wallet over to your Binance futures trading wallet as demonstrated below.

How to Add Leverage

If you are looking to trade perpetual futures trading contracts on Binance with leverage, you must select what leverage you would like to apply before starting your trade.

Binance allows up to 125x leverage, however they only recommend users use up to 25x leverage for trading.

It is pretty straight forward - if you to use 1000 USDT with 100x leverage on Binance Futures, this will mean your position is worth 100,000 USDT - but you only have risked 1000USDT.

How to do a Limit Order on Binance Futures

You use a Limit order when you are looking to long or short Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency from a specific price.

Using limit orders on Binance Futures is simple, all you need to do is simply specify the price that you want to buy (long) or sell (short) a contract.

You then need to specify the quantity of your order at a given price. In the example above we have set an order so that if the price of Bitcoin reaches 8,400 USD - we will open up a long position.

The margin required is only 420 USDT because we have decided to use 20x leverage.

How to do a Market Order

The Market Order option is the most basic order type on Binance Futures and is easy to use for newbies trading Bitcoin Futures.

To do a Market Order on Binance Futures, simply enter the order quantity you would like to purchase and it will automatically execute the trade at the best price it can find.

How to do a Stop-Limit Order

A Stop-Limit order is a very helpful mechanism that allows you to set a limit order if the price reaches a point where you think it is in a bullish trend.

For example, If you think Bitcoin faces a significant resistance at $9,000 USD and want to buy at $9,050 USD (if it breaks the resistance) - you can use this order type to execute that strategy.

Binance Futures Summary

There are a few key reasons that users may want to consider Binance Futures Trading, they are:

  • To long or short Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This is an effective tactic to hedge your positing and quickly cover your risk
  • Opening up a large leveraged position without actually having to have the funds. For example, on Binance Futures you can Trade 100 Bitcoin size with only 1 Bitcoin.
  • Security, you dont need to keep large amounts of crypto on Binance Futures to trade with size.
  • Great integration with Trust Wallet for easy withdrawals.
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