Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in
New Zealand (2022)

Summary: The best exchange for New Zealanders to trade cryptocurrencies is Independent Reserve. They offer cheap and fast NZD deposits to trade the top digital assets for low fees.

David Cohen

Editor at Buy Bitcoin Finder

Cryptocurrency Exchanges in New Zealand

New Zealand has historically been one of the most progressive countries when it comes to their regulatory stance on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. This has led to widespread adoption and investment speculation by local's who have been crypto crazy since the boom in 2017.

Unlike neighbouring Australia, New Zealand has very few reputable exchanges to select from.

This guide takes a deep dive into the best cryptocurrency exchanges to Buy Bitcoin in NZ.

Best Crypto Exchanges in NZ

The list below are the top 3 cryptocurrency exchanges in New Zealand based on security, fees, user experience and crypto asset diversity.

  1. Independent Reserve (Overall Best)
  2. Binance NZ (Low Fees)
  3. Easy Crypto NZ (Local Option)

NZ Crypto Exchange Reviews

Independent Reserve NZ 

Independent Reserve is the largest and most trusted exchange across New Zealand and Australia. Founded in 2013, they have grown to become the most popular option across AU & NZ.

They offer an extremely simple user interface, low fees on NZD deposits and the best selection of cryptocurrencies.

Independent Reserve's exchange is available to customers worldwide, however their key focus is in Australia, NZ and Singapore. In terms of fiat deposits, they also accept AUD, USD and NZD as shown above.

Their exchange offers one of the widest rangest of deposit methods available in New Zealandincluding PayID/Osko, EFT, POLi and SWIFT. This makes it easy for New Zealanders to quickly onboard and buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies due to their great range of on-ramps.

The Independent Reserve NZ platform also offers secure Bitcoin wallets and crypto wallets that are managed on the website. This means you can safely hold your crypto on their exchange.

Independent Reserve Trading Platform

They have a simple to user order book style trade interface that is easy for first time Bitcoin buyers and crypto traders. Their trading view offers to main order types - the first option is a Market Buy which means that you buy Bitcoin or the crypto you select at the lowest price available on the market.

The other option is a Limit Order that will enable you to choose the price that you wish to execute the Bitcoin or cryptocurrency order at.

For example, a user can set a 'limit buy' for $1,000 NZD worth of Bitcoin at $12,000 NZD. This means that when the price of Bitcoin drops to $12,000 NZD - a $1,000 NZD buy order will execute for the user automatically.

With Independent Reserve, you can use a BNZ Bank, ANZ Bank or ASB Bank account to get started.

Read our detailed Independent Reserve Review.

Australian Cryptocurrency Exchange CoinSpot
Fiat Currencies
New Zealand Dollars (NZD), AUD and USD
Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Cardano (ADA), Chainlink, AAVE, Yearn Finance + 20 more
Trading Fees
0.02% - 0.5%
Deposit Methods
Bank Transfer or SWIFT
Visit Independent Reserve NZ

Binance NZ

Binance NZ is the New Zealand specific crypto exchange from the world's largest cryptocurrency trading platform Binance. Their platform offers a wide variety of coins and altcoins for investors in New Zealand to buy with a bank deposit, or via Credit Card or Debit Card.

Binance NZ is a great option for low fees as they start at 0.1% per trade.

Can you use Binance in NZ?

Yes, it is safe to sign up to and use Binance as a resident of New Zealand. Binance accept a wide variety of deposit methods for New Zealand dollars from bank accounts which include ASB Bank and BNZ Bank.

Australian Cryptocurrency Exchange CoinSpot
Fiat Currencies
NZD, AUD, USD, SGD, EUR + many more
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, Cardano, Polkadot, Chiliz, Filecoin, Binance Coin (BNB) + more
Trading Fees
Deposit Methods
Bank Transfer, Credit Card or Debit Card
Visit Binance NZ

Easy Crypto NZ

Easy Crypto have grown to become one of the most popular crypto exchanges in NZ since their inception in 2016. They are a local exchange based in New Zealand that offer crypto swaps with fiat, however their platform does not have an inbuilt wallet - which is problematic for new users.

Easy Crypto Wallet Review

Although Easy Crypto is a popular crypto exchange in NZ, their user experience definitely makes them one of the harder exchanges to use. Their platform does not support native crypto wallets like Binance and Independent Reserve. This means that you cannot buy and hold your cryptocurrency on their platform and you must buy a Crypto wallet for storage.

While holding your crypto on a cold wallet is best practice, it is definitely difficult for beginners. With that said, we would recommend Independent Reserve if you are confused by this process.

Easy Crypto Fees

Another issue with the Easy Crypto NZ platform are the fees. Easy Crypto charge 1% for a buy or sell, which is expensive when compared to industry standards. Visit our dedicated Easy Crypto fees page for a detailed breakdown.

Read our full Easy Crypto Review for more information.

Australian Cryptocurrency Exchange CoinSpot
Fiat Currencies
Bitcoin, Ethereum USDC, USDT, Cardano (ADA), Safemoon, Shiba Inu + 100 more
Trading Fees
Deposit Methods
Bank Transfer only
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BitPrime is a prominent crypto exchange that was founded in early 2017 by two locals named Ross Brown and Monique Wright.

They offer both a platform to buy and sell a small range of cryptocurrencies and an OTC desk for locals in New Zealand looking to purchase over $100,000 NZD worth of crypto.

Trusted by over 14,000 New Zealanders, BitPrime offers a relatively simplistic platform that includes a service for managed wallets. This means that you can buy and store your cryptocurrency on BitPrime. However, as a rule of thumb it is always best to deposit your crypto onto your hardware wallet to reduce the risk of hacks.

Overall, BitPrime is a solid option if you are looking to go with an exchange based in New Zealand.

Australian Cryptocurrency Exchange CoinSpot
Fiat Currencies
New Zealand Dollars
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, XRP and more
Trading Fees
Deposit Methods
Bank Transfer only
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