SelfWealth vs CommSec: Australia's Best Broker (2021)

Summary: CommSec is the premier brokerage in Australia. Although investors get slightly lower fees with SelfWealth, it does not make up for the user experience that the CommSec trading platform and app provides.
SelfWealth vs CommSec: Australia's Best Broker (2021)

Tanya Chen

Senior Editor at Buy Bitcoin Finder
SelfWealth vs CommSec: Australia's Best Broker (2021)

SelfWealth vs CommSec

CommSec and SelfWealth are the two most popular share trading apps in Australia. Both brokerage platforms are highly regarded across Australia thanks to their reasonable trading fees, wide selection of assets and long list of trading and research tools.

We have provided a high-level table for investors to quickly compare key features of both platforms.

Image Image
Investment Account Funding Options Bank Transfer Bank Transfer or BPAY
Mobile Applications iOS/Android iOS/Android
Minimum Deposit $500 $500
Brokerage Fees $10.00 $9.50
Available Assets ETFs, Fixed Income, Margin Loans, Options, Shares ETFs and Shares
Available Markets ASX, NYSE, NASDAQ, LSE, HKEX and more ASX, NASDAQ and NYSE
Regulator ASIC ASIC
Website Visit CommSec Visit SelfWealth

Which is Australia’s Best Brokerage Platform?

CommSec and SelfWealth have relatively similar value propositions when comparing their key features. Both brokerage platforms offer low fees and have a wide variety of assets for investors to choose from. 

One important factor to consider is that CommSec has dynamic fees depending on your trading volume. For example, if you are trading with less than $1,000 there is a brokerage fee of $9.50. However, if you go over $1,000 per transaction, the total charge is $19.95. SelfWealth on the other hand remains at $10 per trade.

If you are an investor looking to trade smaller amounts, we recommend you check out CommSec Pocket which offers much lower fees. You can also compare CommSec Pocket vs CommSec in our guide.

Final Verdict

All factors considered, we would recommend CommSec as the best destination to start investing in stocks and other assets. For large investors, they offer a more diverse array of assets and ways for you to capitalise on global markets. For smaller investors, they offer a better and cheaper brokerage through CommSec Pocket that makes it convenient for new investors.

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